Web Deploy on IIS

I work on several projects using ASP.NET MVC 4 along with Microsoft Visual Studio. When deploying projects to an IIS server I simply used the FTP publishing method. For some odd reason it always took a minute or so to deploy. I never really investigated why or attempted to figure out a new way because I have so much work to do that I just hit publish and then continued with something else.

Recently I was working from home and it was taking too long. I said if I just published the files locally on my machine and then used FileZilla (or any FTP software) to push it to the server it would be a lost faster. I remember a long time when I was first learning ASP.NET MVC I read about Web Deploy which allowed the IIS server and your local copy to by synced. Whenever you made any changes, only the changed files would be published. With the current FTP method it removed all the files and re-uploaded them.

I followed this guide here to install Web Deploy on the IIS server (the server used IIS 8.0). I then setup a new deployment method using Web Deploy and entered the server admin username (username looks like COMPUTERNAME/username) and password. Hit publish and it was done instantly. I made some changes and then hit publish again. Again it was deployed to the server within a second.

tl;dr - If you are not using Web Deploy to deploy your ASP.NET projects, you are wasting time.

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