Four years later, I'm back - New Job, Go, React, Microservices and more

The last time I blogged on here was in July 2015. A lot has changed since then. I now work for Booz Allen Hamilton (since November 2017). I am currently working on project that uses Go (Golang) and React. This is probably one of the best projects I have worked on. It's mostly exciting due to using Go which I never worked with before and a great team.

I am still learning it but the syntax is very loose (no semicolons and less usage of parenthesis on conditionals). The error handling is different. The size and speed of the compiled code is impressive. We are using it on a micro services architecture. I am on a small team that is handling one piece of the application. There are about five or six teams of developers that are working on I believe fifteen or more different microservices. I lost track since each team can really create their own microservice at anytime.

I hope to blog some tips and tricks that I have encountered and going to encounter soon.

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